Date Bowl 3kg±1 g S6
Automatic Weighing Non-toxic Specific
Automatic weighing bowl, scientific pet feeding

Manage  health digitally  

HD electronic display feeding with set amout

Made of environmental protection material with no odor and make feeding more relieved

Detachable inner bowl for easy cleaning and unibody leaves no blind angle for cleaning

Display: HD LCD display

Units: g, oz

Precision: 1g

Max capacity: 3000g

Min capacity: 1g


Standard: fully CE/RoHS approved 

Material: ABS+stainless steel


Multicolor choices



As a pet-lover, we should care more about our pet bowls, it is a important part during your pet life, so a technology bowl is necessary. This Bowl is with a function of weighing weight, so you can accurately monitor the food weight everyday and make a healthy diet plan for your pets. 

The bowls is quite simple operation with 2 buttons, one button for on/off and the other is option for weight unit (g and oz). One digital display screen shows the figures clearly.