UV370nm Pet Skin Detector with 5 point S7
USB rechargeable Noiseless Portable Harmless
A good helper of timely detection of pet skin problems

S7-UV370nm Pet Skin Detector with 5 point.

Compact size, able to put into your pocket or hand bag.

Skin problem detector, avoid your pets suffering more.

Invisible dry urine stains and food spots detection.

No harm to humans and pets.

Interactive toy, 5 animal pattern to train the pet agility and enhance interaction.

USB rechargeable -- 5V/1A , 2hrs to charge it full, Over 10hrs for play.
Material: ABS

Size: 17.7*15.5*20.5cm

Multicolor choices



A wonderful product combining the function of pet skin detection and toy. 

In some situation, when your pets behave abnormally and always scratch its hair, this abnormal behavior should attract your attention, it might be that your pets are under suffering of skin problem.   To make it sure, you may need this pet skin detector at hand.   Be relaxed, this UV light is not harmful to humans and pets.

On the other hand, this detector is also able to help you find out the dry urine stains and food spots on your carpet, sofa, even bed,  which couldn‘t see with the naked eye.  

What`s  more, this device is not only a skin detector but also a pet interactive toy, when you are playing with your pets, you can also use it to project five different animals, this will train the agility of your pets and enhance the interaction, have more fun.