Memory Trainer S4
USB rechargeable Non-toxic Automatic Cleanable
Train your dog's memory to feed on its own

Remote control up to 30 meters

RF 2.4GHz remove control, strong anti-interference capability

Integrated design with a proper handle, easy to carry

Two mode for food to fall out( more food and little food) 

Two different sound select when pressing the remote control(sound 1 & 2) 

One more button for device testing and prevent the food stuck. 

Lovely design of pole to fix the Remote Control 

USB rechargeable -- 5V/1A 

Lithium battery: LIR18650, LIR1015

Material: ABS and Silicon              

Size: 17*15*20cm    



A wonderful product combining the function of food feeder and memory trainer.

The pets needs to activate the trigger with paw or nose for food to fall out of the food feeder, it is a good way to train the dogs and understand how they can get the food.

What`s more, it can also exercise your pets, keep them healthy and in a good shape.