Led Optical Fiber Luminous Coat K914-V
Stylish Windproof Dazzling Waterproof
This jacket is suitbale for use in various weather, bringing your pets warmth in work and enterainment

The flashing light function makes pets walking safe and not afraid of the dark.

Suitable for puppies

Made of new fiber optic fabrics, super bright flashing light at the night       The flashing light emited is like a dreamy starry sky, super beautiful,dreamy,stylish and stunning!

Switch button at the side, easy to open ON/OFF

Made of super soft faux suede material.

Five light modes: red light, blue light, green light, white light and cycle flashing 

Cannot be washed in a washing machine.

Multicolor choices 

Length Girth Neck
XS/S 20cm 35-45cm 35cm  
S/M 30cm 45-55cm 40cm
M /L 40cm 55-65cm 45cm



The led optical fiber luminous coat is made of lightweight, skin-friendly  material. With it on, your dog will not feel any restraint, giving your dog maximum freedom. Windproof, rainproof, wear-resistant, washable and dirty-resistant, especially suitable for outdoor play. At night, it's all fiber-optic and shiny to keep your pet safe.