Cascade water fountain S15
UV sterilizer Noiseless Waterfall water
Waterfall water, healthy water, healthy pets

Capacity: 2L       

Spill prevention

Material: PP(Transparency selectable)


Multicolor choices



During daily life, hydration gets more and more essential for you and your pets. As a matter of fact, pets need more daily water intake especially in summer. Many pet owners are unaware of the growing hydration needs of their pets. Pets wouldn't notice, but you should.
This water fountain with 3-layer filter system makes your pets stay healthy with filtered fresh running water, prevents bacteria from growing. 

Smart design of anti-blocking holes on the top side of water tray help water recycling even when the original water inlets or filter blocked, prevent the water spillage and keep a tidy floor.                                 

Humanized design of holding position on the side bottom makes you easy to carry it for water refilling, not easy to slip it down.          

Water diversion trench leads the water down from the side of the container, minimize the noise caused by water falling.      

Ultra quite pump consume quite low energy and with the function of preventing dry burning in condition without water. 

2L water capacity is big enough for daily use. 

Anti-skid silicon pad on the bottom help to protect the floor, no scratch and water spillage due to accidental movement.